BIS Industrial RFID systems

Five systems for a wide range of uses

The right data in the right place at the right time

If you need a read and write function in the field of industrial identification and want to process large volumes of data, industrial RFID systems are ideal. They guarantee up-to-date data in all process segments. Even without a direct line of sight. These sensors are extremely reliable even over long distances and when used in highly dynamic applications.
Balluff industrial RFID systems offer flexible, contact-free data communication. They are fast, robust, and suitable for all industrial environments. Despite their high performance values, they remain cost-effective.

Areas of application

The Balluff industrial RFID family has five different systems with a diverse range of components for use in a wide range of applications. After all, different designs make sense in order to realise diverse applications such as product protection, tool management, access control, and goods tracking.

For great diversity

  • In a wide range of applications: BIS C
    BIS C is particularly powerful and flexible for the reliable identification of tools in machining centres that use large amounts of coolant and lubricants
    and when sterilising items at high temperatures in autoclaves.
  • The cost-effective BIS L is used in logistics and on assembly lines.
  • Super-fast data transmission and large read/write distances: BIS M has proven its worth in intralogistics, access control, and product protection.
  • Large data volumes for controlling assembly and production: BIS S
  • Quickly detect large data volumes in highly dynamic applications with BIS U. It offers top reliability over long distances.


Balluff industrial RFID systems consist of a data carrier, read head or read/write head, and the processor. Data can be written to and read from the data carrier. The data volume and read/write cycles depend on the storage medium. The data carriers get their energy from the read/write unit. Batteries are not required. The electronics and antenna are integrated. The power and frequency define the range.

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