Inductive distance sensors with digital output

Analogue measurements, digital output

BAW digital outputInductive analogue distance sensors provide an output signal that is proportional to the distance between the trigger surface and the object. In many applications you also need to generate a switching signal at specific points along the output curve. These switching signals enable systems to recognise when a particular position (distance from a machine part) has been reached. In the past this required an additional external analogue switching amplifier. This component is no longer required. Balluff has developed an analogue position sensor with three integrated switching thresholds. These switching thresholds are programmable, with separate output lines for each switching signal.

Analogue measurements, digital output

BAW digital output applications

Two-in-one - a sensor and analogue switching device

Instead of two devices needing to be installed, a single sensor does the job. By programming the switching outputs over the control line, they can also be set if the sensor is installed in a hard-to-access location.