Cylinder sensors for T-slot

Can be mounted directly into the T-slot or with a mounting bracket

BMF productsFor T-slots, Balluff has developed magnetic cylinder sensors that fit into every T-slot and are characterised by their extremely strong hold. They can be installed flush so that they are also suitable for use in space-critical applications. In addition, extremely short designs are available, which have diverse installation possibilities. Especially light LEDs allow the switching function to be seen from relatively far away.

Tried-and-tested electronics from a comprehensive program of magnetic cylinder sensors

  • Can be used for cylinders and grippers with strong or weak magnets
  • No-contact, wear-free detection of piston position through cylinder wall
  • Resistant to dirt
  • No hysteresis
  • Precise switching point

Can be mounted directly into the T-slot from above or universally with a mounting bracket

BMF T-slot products

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