Photoelectric distance sensors with IO-Link interface

Precision and efficiency in one

Photoelectric distance sensors with an IO-Link interface have a robust metal housing and a working range of up to 6 m. The detected distance is output over the IO-Link interface. In addition, in IO-Link mode the two switching points can be conveniently set from the controller. Likewise, the laser can be deactivated and the buttons can be locked. Thanks to the measuring principle, which works on the light travel time, larger ranges are possible than for sensors that use the triangulation procedure or for light sensors. The sensors are set using two teach buttons.

This innovative sensor technology with its multiplicity of output circuits is used in applications where traditional approaches stumble over technological or economical limits. For example, it is used for detecting small objects over long distances and in difficult conditions such as when sensing from the outside is required in processes at high temperatures or in robot cells.

BOD photoelectric distance sensors in use

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