Magnetic Global cylinder sensors

Perfect hold in the pneumatic cylinder

Our compact magnetic Global cylinder sensors offer perfect hold. For they are exactly matched to the different cylinder groove forms. Therefore, they can not only be fitted flush in the respective groove, but also inserted completely:

  • Can be pushed in from the top or the side
  • Cable or connector variants
  • Small size

For the C groove: BMF 204 and BMF 214

  • BMF 204 – for 3.8 mm groove
  • BMF 214 – for 4 mm groove
  • Can be pushed in via the end of the groove
  • Outstanding hold
  • Can be pushed in via the end of the groove
  • Miniature size for gripper and short stroke cylinder
  • Can be positioned accurately

For the T groove: BMF 235

  • BMF 235 – the standard
  • Large and especially bright LED for simple diagnostics
  • Can be inserted into the T groove from above ("drop-in" installation)
  • With standard screwdriver or 1.5 mm Allen key
  • Short, compact design with strong holding force

V-Twin® – one connector for two sensors

  • In M8 or M12
  • With one 4-wire or two 3-wire cables
  • Reduces material usage
  • Quick installation
  • Reduces costs
  • Duplicate sensors easily at a multi-port block/sensor-distributor