We speak the language of IO-Link

In linear position and distance measurement

Balluff IO-Link for linear position and distance measurement incorporates intelligent sensors with an extremely wide range of functional principles:

  • Photoelectric distance sensors
  • Inductive distance sensors
  • Micropulse transducers
  • Inductive positioning systems

IO-Link sensors have many advantages:

More efficient operation

With IO-Link, sensors can be positioned in the machine directly at the point of use, at the ideal place in terms of the technical process, because accessibility of the sensors is no longer an issue. Machine processes are therefore time-optimised. Digital data transfer also ensures a high signal quality.

Maximum machine availability

Downtimes are significantly reduced because the parameters of a replaced IO-Link sensor are automatically written in full to the new sensor by the IO-Link Master. Commissionings, format changes or recipe changes can be processed centrally via function modules of the control unit. This saves time and minimises the potential for error.

Demand-oriented maintenance

Continuous diagnostic data for the entire process extends maintenance intervals, as systems and machines need to be maintained much less frequently thanks to automatic readjustment via IO-Link.

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