BGL fork light barriers:

Through-beam light barriers offer clear advantages

Operational reliability and precision that are unbeatable

Balluff GabellichtschrankenAbove all, fork light barriers are unbeatable when it comes to operational reliability and precision. Since the transmitter and receiver are in a single housing, assembly and adjustment efforts are low and safe processes are ensured.

Identical mechanical and optical axis

When the systems are being designed, one important advantage to these sensors already comes to bear: The mechanical axis between the transmitter and receiver is always identical to the optical axis. This can be directly designed into the application, like a line.

Reliable and flexible

The high optical resolution and repeat accuracy are reliable characteristics and enable the series to be integrated into any machine. In doing this, the designer can select the ideal size from a range of nine different housing dimensions with fork widths of 5 to 220 mm. Standardised fixing holes make it possible to have standardised, cost-efficient assembly concepts.

Easy assembly

During the design and assembly of the machines, fork light barriers impress most, thanks to the simple alignment to the object and their robust metal housing. The user requires just one single electrical connection and only one cable connection. This also saves costs and effort.

With red, infrared and laser lights

Balluff fork light barriers are available with red light as well as with infrared light and laser light. Furthermore, versions with PinPoint LED are available. In comparison to normal red-light LEDs, these have a very small, precise light spot, which is also still clearly visible for large fork widths. This significantly simplifies the alignment of the object.

Versatile use

Above all, fork and angle light barriers are most at home in assembly and handling technology; however, thanks to several special variants, the area of application is almost unlimited. Variants for detecting transparent objects have their strengths in detecting sheets of film, glasses or bottles. Quick to assemble and without the risk of misalignment, they stand for simple and fast commissioning and a high level of reliability.

The versions for detecting aqueous liquids detect fill levels in bottles as reliably as they detect air bubbles in hoses or transparent tubes. Even with extremely small containers, where other sensor principles reach their limits, these sensors provide a reliable and robust solution.

Analogue fork light barriers with strip of light

The star amongst the fork light barriers is the analogue version, BGL-C, with a high-performance strip of light. This records object positions, e.g. web edges, not just absolutely reliably, but also absolutely precisely. Readjustment and positioning are therefore child's play. The integrated air purging nozzles ensure that no dirt can be deposited.

Your benefits

  • High level of process reliability because the transmitter and receiver are firmly aligned with each other
  • Time savings thanks to the simple assembly and commissioning. No need for adjustment
  • Simply select the best option from four different series: Depending on the type of light, ideal for object detection or positioning, micro part detection or dirty environments
  • Additional special variants for new solutions: For transparent detection, water detection or web edge control

Counting transparent bottles with the BGL for transparent detection