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Comprehensive line of connectors for every area of automation. With connecting elements, preassembled, unassembled and bus connectors as well as bus accessories.

Overview of our features

We supply PUR and PVC connections as well as TPE connections for the American market - simply choose what you need! Drag-chain-suitable, halogen-free, and halogenated designs are available. We also have variants that are resistant to welding sparks and torsion. And if you simply need products that are resistant to high temperatures of up to 180 ºC, that's not a problem either! Just enter your requirements into the product selector. The right design for you will be displayed.

Connectors and connection cables - tailored to your requirements

Connectors for Global sensors

Available at a reasonable price from stock


Tailored to your requirements

An extensive range for every area of automation


For pharmaceuticals and packaging

BCC connectors with Ecolab approval


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