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Simply safe

Automation requires safety. And safety is based on reliability. Balluff quality guarantees ultra-reliable solutions. Thus the Balluff safety concept also consists of products and solutions that fulfill their tasks over the course of years with the same reliability and precision. And includes a constantly growing number of products and components that minimize danger for people and production systems. These components are easy to integrate into your control system..

One-of-a-kind: Safety over IO-Link

To increase the efficiency of safety concepts and integrate them into the control system, we have developed the Balluff Safety Hub. The first integrated safety solution that uses IO-Link! Safety over IO-Link is easy to integrate, responds quickly and can replace the control cabinet.

Safety over IO-Link combines automation and safety technology. IO-Link handles communication down to the last meter and provides both sensor/actuator details as well as secure information. State-of-the-art, with the usual Balluff quality and all from a single source.

Freedom to change your system down to the last minute

The standardization of topology and safety components means you can easily and quickly adapt your application to changing requirements at any time. Extremely flexible down to the last minute.

Safe I/O module

Safe signal acquisition and communication


Safety light curtains

Photoelectric danger zone protection for detecting people


Emergency stop device

Emergency stop device in compact housing for easy installation on various machines and sys ...


Safety switches

Durable, reliable interlocking and guard locking devices


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