Solutions for electrical drive technology

Conserve resources and improve productivity

Electrical drive technology

Increasing productivity, networking processes and conserving resources all require efficient, intelligent and controlled drives with integrated sensors for feedback and position detection.

Balluff offers a wide range of sensors and position measurement systems using extremely diverse technologies, designed specifically to meet modern requirements for electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic drive technology. Users can choose from a wide, flexible range of products.
On request, tailor-made solutions can also be designed and configured according to your particular requirements.

Balluff technology has been developed in close collaboration with the manufacturers of electrical drive technology. It is highly precise, simple to assemble and can be easily integrated in compact motors and actuators (electrical drives) to allow for quick commissioning and a high power density.

Key benefits

  • More efficient use of energy in machines and plants
  • Regulated machine processes, controlled movements
  • High productivity as a result of fast, precise and intelligent drives

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