Configurable plastic sensor hubs with IO-Link 1.1

Output functionality now in a plastic enclosure

M12 plastic sensor hubs: configure outputs without restrictions
Due to their compact design, the space-saving M12 sensor hubs with IO-Link interface are the first choice for applications where space is restricted.

The 16 channels of the M12 plastic sensor/actuator hubs can be configured as inputs or outputs. Each input can be programmed as an NC or NO contact so that antivalent sensors (DESINA) can be connected.

M12 sensor hubs with IO-Link can be parameterized centrally, ensure a consistent diagnosis and fulfill requirements for flexible, cost-effective wiring. IO-Link 1.1 is connected using a 4-pin standard sensor cable and the peripherals are connected via detachable screw-type terminal blocks.

Advantages of IO-Link 1.1
The sensor/actuator hub is fully functional when combined with a version 1.1 IO-Link master.

Preset parameter data in the hub is saved in the master automatically and if the hub is replaced, transferred automatically to the new device. As a result, parameterizing does not have to be performed again when the module is exchanged.

The extended data frame offered by IO-Link 1.1 is also used, which increases efficiency because more data is transferred simultaneously.

Advantages of the sensor hub

  • Each port can be parameterized as an input or output, as required.
  • Inputs can be programmed as NC or NO contacts depending on requirements.
  • The max. load current per port is 350 mA.
  • Total max. load current is 1.2 A
  • When connected to a 1.1 IO-Link master: all 1.1 functions such as data management and data frame
  • Lightweight design ideal for weight-critical applications

The following versions of configurable IO-Link sensor hub in a plastic enclosure are available

Ordering code Part number Number of inputs Number of outputs Comment
BNI005L BNI IOL-302-000-K006 Max. 16 Max. 16 Standard module
BNI005T BNI IOL-302-S01-K006 Single channel diagnosis
BNI005U BNI IOL-302-000-K006-C01 Selectable
BNI005W BNI IOL-302-S01-K006-C01 Single channel diagnosis and selectable

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