Micropulse position measuring system BTL6-­V11V Rod BZ

with VARAN real-time industrial Ethernet

VARAN feedback system for hydraulically controlled axes

The Balluff Micropulse BTL6-V11V Rod is the first integrable travel sensing system with VARAN real-time industrial Ethernet to be brought onto the market. Micropulse rod travel sensing systems are integrated in the pressure side of the hydraulic cylinder. There, they detect the current piston position. Dynamically reproducible and high-precision measurement achieves optimum hydraulic axis control quality. The extremely fast and reliable real-time data transmission via VARAN industrial Ethernet and the precise, dynamic piston position detection by the Micropulse BTL make the system ideal for use in demanding applications with controlled axes.


  • Proximity sensing of detected position
  • Pressure resistant to 600 bar (1000 bar) for direct integration in pressure side
  • Impervious to dirt, IP 67
  • Shock and vibration-proof
  • Absolute output signal
  • Measurement length up to 4000 mm
  • Quick and easy to fit
  • Single-connector solution saves system costs
  • Resolution 15 µm
  • Linearity error ± 200 µm

Benefits of VARAN industrial Ethernet

Real-time VARAN, hot-plug, open-source, safe and reliable, cost-focussed
Typical features of the open-source VARAN interface are fast data transmission in real time with cycle times < 100 µs, eine automatische Adressierung, ein Hot-Plug-in, eine hohe Ausfallsicherheit, geringe Implementierungskosten, eine einfache Wartung und ein schneller Service mit entsprechenden Service- und Diagnosetools.

Ideal for drive systems
With its reliable, hard real-time data transmission, VARAN is rapidly becoming a standard in drive systems technology.

Reducing material and installation costs

The single-connector solution can save enormously on materials and labour for installation in particular. And every connector saved means another potential fault source eliminated.

VARAN benefits at a glance

Hard real time
Cycle times < 100 μs, Jitter < 100 ns
Every command confirmed immediately by recipient.

High level of data reliability and error tolerance
Unacknowledged messages are repeated within the same bus cycle.

Flexible network topology
Modular machine structures: any combination of star, linear and tree topologies.

Price level similar to a field bus connection as economical standard components are used for manager and client.

Open standard
VARAN is an open standard and non-proprietary.

Bus and power supply in one cable
Signal and power feed using connector and hybrid cable

Hot-plug capability
While the system is running

For more information on VARAN real-time industrial Ethernet go to www.varan-bus.net

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