Global sensors

Sophisticated sensor technology and accessories for all areas of automation

The complete range for standard applications – the highest quality at an economical price.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Quality products for standard applications
  • Optimal price/performance ratio
  • Short delivery times
  • International certifications, e.g. CE, cULus etc.
  • Available and usable around the world
  • Tested beyond the standard

Different technologies and universal designs offer flexibility, meaning that the sensors can be deployed almost anywhere.

Photoelectric Global sensors – the first choice for standard applications
Photoelectric Global sensors

Universally usable and economical. Available as diffuse, retro-reflective and through-beam. Different housing forms: Cylindrical, cuboid, and angle/fork formats.

Inductive Global sensors – different designs offer flexibility

Inductive Global sensors

A selection of our inductive sensors, approved by industry the world over

  • Flush and non-flush versions
  • Cylindrical and cuboid forms
  • Very reliable due to protection against short-circuit, excess voltage, reverse polarity and excess currents

Capacitive Global sensors – above-average technology with the best possible EMC protection

Capacitive Global sensors

Reliable object and fill level detection by capacitive sensors

  • Cylindrical and cuboid forms
  • Stainless steel or plastic housing (PBT)
  • Large operation and output function displays
  • High resistance to electromagnetic interference

Magnetic Global cylinder sensors – compact design with perfect hold

Magnetic Global cylinder sensors

Compatible with nearly all common types of nut, such as C- or T-nuts.
Large choice of cable and connector types.
V-Twin® – one connector for two sensors.

Connectors and passive splitters – compatible with your Global sensors

Connectors and passive splitters for Global sensors

We have compiled a selection from our extensive range of connectors and passive splitters for the most important standard applications.

Mechanical and electrical accessories – compatible with your Global sensors

Mechanical and electrical accessories for Global sensors

Drawing from our extensive range, we have chosen a set of accessories for you that are suitable for the most important standard applications in object detection.

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