Photoelectric precision with a red light and laser in small, high-performance designs

For installation and use in the tightest spaces

Balluff produces high-precision photoelectric sensors with a red light and laser to meet your small part or fine contour processing needs in areas with restricted space: These are available as a diffuse light sensor or with background suppression, a through-beam light barrier or, in addition, in models especially designed for harsh environments. These small, high-performance designs have an IP67 rating and outclass other photoelectric sensors of their size with their fine, precise beam of light.

The laser variants – confidently process small parts up to 0.3 mm

All of our laser designs are laser class 1 and therefore eye-safe. Their precise switching behaviour makes them suitable for high-precision positioning tasks. For example, this makes the laser sensors particularly impressive in tasks such as stacking height monitoring.

Laser through-beam light barrier BOS 08E – for the smallest parts, nuts and bores

The precisely focussed laser beam is capable of recognising even the smallest deviations. Its precise switching behaviour allows recognition of extremely thin objects or openings.

  • Robust stainless steel housing (1.4404) – perfect for the food industry
  • Cylindrical design – easy to mount
  • Particularly compact – for mounting several sensors in a row in confined systems

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Laser light sensor BOS Q08M – for the smallest objects and contours

The excellent, fine beam of light can be precisely aligned – even among closely positioned components. The laser light sensor is therefore exceptionally well suited to smaller spaces, particularly as its housing is only 40 mm long. An additional benefit is the periscope design with its small active surface that allows the sensor to be mounted so that it is partly recessed, so only the head of the sensor is visible. This makes these laser light sensors perfect for positioning in inaccessible places as well.

  • Robust metal housing with threaded holes
  • Fast and exact positioning thanks to patented mounting design
  • Lifetime Alarm
  • Space-saving, process-orientated mounting
  • Precise switching behaviour ensures pick-and-place application reliability

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The red light variants – suitable for a variety of applications thanks to background suppression

All red light designs offer a sharp and homogeneous red light spot which, thanks to their PinPoint-Technology, can be precisely aligned. These are suitable for a variety of applications thanks to their background suppression.

Background suppression in the mini-format light sensor BOS 08E – for virtually colour-independent object recognition

  • Precise recognition of small parts up to 0.3 mm
  • 1…30 mm scanning range
  • Quick and easy to configure with a potentiometer
  • Extra-short housing for easy, space-saving assembly
  • Fully encapsulated stainless steel housing (1.4404) for a wider range of applications

Also available with a fixed 20 mm scanning range.

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Light sensor BOS 12M with fixed background suppression – for detecting the finer details of object structures

Thanks to the extremely precise 1.5 mm light spot, the sensors are able to process very small and sensitive details. The supplementary stability display immediately detects and reports every misalignment, increasing the reliability and productivity of your machines.

  • Small light spot, like a laser – extreme precision
  • Reliable detection of wires up to 0.05 mm in diameter
  • Interference-free even in extreme extraneous light
  • Compact housing – light and space-saving mounting

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