Fibre sensors

No space? No alternative!

Balluff fibre sensorsIf there is no space for a discrete optical sensor, the only remaining solution is fibre optics. Plastic fibre optics are the right choice if there are special requirements pertaining to robustness, high ambient temperatures, or resistance to chemicals. Here, a wide range of special base units with different performance levels and functions is available. From a simple design with a potentiometer to a high-end device with a display. If you have special requirements such as a high-temperature application, special glass fibres with a corrugated metal shield can be used.


  • Small parts detection
  • Suitable for small installation spaces
  • Control of part characteristics
  • Counting tasks (e.g. drop counting)
  • Precise positioning of parts
  • Assembly and handling technology
  • Robotics

Presence control with fibre sensors


Fibre sensors