Magnetic sensors for long ranges

Mini-design, high switching distance

Magnetic sensors for long rangesCylindrical magnetic sensors are characterised by their small, extremely compact design. Optimised magnets for position detection with cylindrical magnetic sensors enable really high switching distances.

This means that a sensor with a diameter of 6.5 mm can be used for contact-free position detection at a distance of up to 90 mm.

These sensors are industrial grade and resistant to dirt. Since magnetic fields can penetrate a large number of non-magnetisable materials, positions can also be detected through containers and pipe walls. The detection of codes is also possible using magnets.

Your benefits

  • Contact-free position detection¬†at a distance of up to 90 mm
  • Object detection through non-magnetisable materials
  • Optimum installation conditions thanks to compact sensors and small magnets
  • Excellent price/performance ratio

Long-range magnetic sensors in use

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