BVS-E infrared vision sensors

Invisible – for greater reliability

Fluctuating "ambient light" can impair the testing reliability of common vision sensors. At the same time, technicians and other staff are often irritated by their flashing light.

Relief for operators

Both problems can be avoided by the use of vision sensors with infrared light.
That is because the infrared illumination of the new BVS-E Infrared is invisible to the human eye so that its flashes do not irritate operators.

Ambient light filtered out

The BVS-E Infrared checks all objects to a high standard. Its permanently integrated light filter prevents visible ambient light affecting the test. So the BVS-E Infrared ensures a high level of process reliability.

Choice of versions for individual requirements

The various different optics and choice of Standard, Ident and Advanced models make sure you can find the right type for your particular application.

Easy installation

All versions have an industry-standard, ultra-compact casing that is simple and versatile in installation.

Features and benefits

  • Invisible light: no irritation for operators
  • Integrated light filter: means high process reliability
  • Harmless to the eyes, CE certified (EN 62471:2008): safest for your staff
  • 10% higher light intensity than comparable red light sensors

Application example

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