We speak the language of IO-Link

Independent of the fieldbus

Due to the various Balluff IO-Link masters (EtherCAT, Profibus, Profinet, Devicenet, Ethernet/IP, CC-Link), communication between devices and almost all fieldbuses is extremely simple with IO-Link.

IO-Link sensor hubs "collect" up to 16 binary standard sensors. Thus, the sensors can be integrated at fieldbus level extremely easily and at a reasonable price.

BIC inductive couplers with IO-Link enable contact-free data and signal transfer. Mechanically separated, but electrically connected, they enable quick, wear-free communication.

With the IO-Link SmartLight, the LED signal column with IO-Link interface, operating states can be displayed easily, offering additional security.
Current physical parameters are displayed. It is also quick and very easy to programme. Another plus point: It's easy to install.

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