Inductive couplers

For maximum flexibility: safely transfer energy and data in a contact-free way

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Inductive couplers in use

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If modules need to be disconnected and coupled up in an automated fashion, you can rely on Balluff's inductive couplers. With the quick-disconnect units, you can realise new requirements extremely flexibly and quickly. In addition to fast signal transmission, inductive couplers ensure the safe transmission of energy.

Your benefits

  • Maintenance-free transmission without mechanical wear
  • Simplification of system design
  • Increased system availability due to fast contacting, e.g. for changeover tools
  • Simple wiring of e.g. rotary tables, exchangeable punch heads etc.
  • Increase in functional inquiries, even in previously inaccessible places

Inductive couplers - tailored to your requirements

Easily separate energy and signals

Inductive couplers with IO-Link interface


Flexibly transmit energy and data

With inductive couplers


Totally without slip rings

Inductive radial couplers


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