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Automotive industry

With decades of experience with sensors and solid development expertise, Balluff is one of the leading manufacturers of sensors for the automotive industry, machine manufacturers and their suppliers. From the first blanking to final acceptance, Balluff provides the right sensor solution for all fields of automotive production.


The comprehensive range of innovative sensors and systems is approved internationally and available worldwide. With high-quality products, Balluff ensures high productivity, cost savings and efficient manufacturing processes for users around the world.

Stamping and Pressing plant

Manufacturing here is precision work, with high requirements for systems and logistics. Coils weighing several tons, are handled and parts stamped out in enormous presses. Balluff sensors are the ideal solution here.

Body construction

Body construction is a domain of industrial robots. They work around the clock, welding, riveting and gluing the individual components together to create self-supporting bodies in white. This is done with precision, repeat accuracy and reliability thanks to high-quality sensor technology.

Tier 1

Whether producing bumpers, doors, dashboards, steering gearboxes, tyres or seats, Balluff technology ensures that the production of each component is carried out optimally, so that every component is manufactured precisely to specifications and customer requirements.

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