Hydraulic solutions

Position measurement systems and sensors are opening up a wide range of applications

Industrial hydraulics

With the right sensor system, hydraulic systems can solve almost any application issues: From mega-fast control in flight simulators to the toughest applications underground or in tunnel construction. Because Balluff sensor systems are being optimised in their own accredited test laboratory in highly accelerated lifetime tests (HALT). This makes for extremely durable products with Balluff offering first-class quality for every sector of the hydraulics industry.


  • Pressure measurement for assemblies, cylinders, pressure accumulators with pressure sensors
  • Fluid level detection in assemblies with capacitive sensors and micropulse transducers
  • Valve positions monitor with high-pressure-resistant inductive sensors
  • End position detection and continuous position measurement in cylinders: With high-pressure-resistant inductive sensors as well as micropulse transducers
  • Network and connection technology for industrial communication

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