Ultrasonic sensors

They detect, count, and control

Ultrasonic sensors by Balluff are distinguished by their output signal. In the switching version, they are used for object detection. Because these ultrasonic sensors can be used as required as normally closed or normally open contacts, their different output functions ensure flexibility. Ultrasonic sensors for object detection are available with one or two switching points. With two switching points, they can be set to the same or opposing switching characteristics.

Thanks to ranges of up to 6 m, BUS ultrasonic sensors ensure reliable detection. They are ideally suited for a wide range of industrial automation. In cylindrical or cuboid form, they comply with all standards. And more! The M12 housing is ideal for detecting small objects. They save space and are suitable for even really small locations.

Ultrasonic sensors for object detection are available with two switching points for window and hysteresis mode. Some types also offer the possibility of synchronisation, so that you can rule out the possibility of adjacent sensors influencing each other.

Your benefits

  • Easily implement challenging applications such as applications with materials like foam and polystyrene.
  • Safely master critical ambient conditions such as dirty, dusty, or misty atmospheres
  • Really precise detection regardless of the object in question

Reliable detection and recording of objects

Good packaging means using the available space efficiently. Ultrasonic sensors ensure reliable checks - even in really restricted spaces.

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