IO-Link sensor hubs with optional code input

Simple handling, lower costs, universal use

Codable IO-Link sensor hubs by Balluff - innovative products on the market. The user can write any identification data to them and then read it later on. They are, therefore, particularly economical when it is necessary to encode tools. In addition, they are easy to use.

As an interface for interchangeable tools, they offer clearly calculable benefits:

  • Fast, reliable format changes:
    The tool is easily exchanged with the hub and data. And the information is directly passed on to the controller via IO-Link, ensuring continuous process control.
  • Fast, cost-effective installation:
    Difficult-to-wire, multi-pole cables are no longer needed. Because simple, unshielded, three-core cables suffice. Installation is therefore both fast and really economical.
  • Speedy setup:
    Thanks to simple coding via the controller, new tools can be made ready on an ad-hoc basic.

Further benefits

  • The IP 67 sensor hubs can be used universally.
  • Depending on the device type, they have 6 inputs with single-channel monitoring or otherwise you can decide whether to configure each of the 16 channels as an input or output. Detailed results such as information on overloads, short circuits, and cable breaks are thus available immediately. You can therefore respond immediately should anything go wrong, allowing you to profit from reduced downtime.
  • The convenient LED display allows the power supply and function to be monitored easily. Setup and maintenance are faster and downtimes can be remedied more quickly.

Codable sensor hubs therefore have more advantages than just lower costs, less effort, and reduced downtimes. Codable sensor hubs also ensure increased efficiency.

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