mini.s – powerful, compact mini sensors

Outstanding freedom of design for more applications

Small housing, low weight and maximum switching precision. Balluff mini-sensors satisfy all of these industrial automation requirements. Compact designs and impressive power ensure outstanding freedom of design and open up a whole new range of applications. Users benefit from a high degree of flexibility as a result.

Balluff miniature sensors are available in all operating principles:
As inductive, photoelectric, magnetic, capacitive and ultrasonic sensors. Balluff offers inductive couplers, fieldbus modules and RFID in miniature dimensions – powerful and compact for every sensor technology.

Compacts designs – new

BOS Q08 photoelectric mini-laser reflection light barrier – the smallest laser in its class

The smallest laser in its class offers precise switching behaviour. This guarantees precise positioning for fast movements. It is ideally suited for small parts detection up to 0.3 mm. Its low weight means that it is ideal for pick-and-place and the mini-grippers. It is also perfect for "looking around the corner".

IP 67 in the metal housing

The mini laser reflection light barrier has a fully encapsulated, robust metal housing in IP 67 and has been tried and tested in harsh industrial conditions.

Partly sunk assembly

The low space requirements mean that it is possible to easily integrate the light barrier into tight installation situations. The periscope design with small optical surface means that it is suitable for many different uses, such as partly sunk and process-oriented assembly. This is because, for reliable object detection, it is sufficient to have the sensor head visible.

Application example


BES R04KC inductive mini-sensor – in the metal housing.

Small – precise – robust

The BES R04KC inductive sensor range already impresses users thanks to its reliable and precise application. For applications that are particularly mechanically robust, the range now also offers a metal version.

The robust metal housing with active ceramic surface makes the mini-sensor ideal for environments in which mechanical impacts, shocks and flying sparks may occur. It is therefore ideal for use in metal-processing machines and similar applications. It delivers precise results, close to the action.

Thanks to its small dimensions, it can be safely installed in a small space.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Robust metal housing with ceramic cover on the sensitive surface
  • Secure hold thanks to the M3 bolt
  • Easy assembly
  • Flush installation
  • Pigtail and cable variants
  • NP contacts, NPN contacts

Application example



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