BVS-E universal vision sensors

The all-rounder with a wide range of applications

Diverse range of applications
The range of applications for the BVS-E universal vision sensor is extremely diverse:

  • From assembly and attendance checks
  • And reading and verifying codes
  • Through to challenging applications, such as the positioning of parts

In any position
Thanks to the particularly high-performance, contour-based image-processing tools, all of the parts can be localised in any position, inspected and counted. In doing so, it is possible to transfer the arrangement and position of the parts via the interface.

Safely detect and identify diverse codes at a high speed
Particularly fast and secure reading of the barcodes and data matrix codes. Up to 40 codes can be localised, read and verified per second. That is what makes the BVS-E unique.

The benefits to you

  • One model, a wide range of functions: To reduce your warehouse stock
  • Contour-based analysis: Localise and inspect parts
  • In any position
  • Ethernet TCP/IP and RS232 interface: Parts position and inspection results are available for the SPS and ensure improved process control
  • Fast localisation, reading and verification of codes. Reliable, even at high parts rates

Comprehensive range of services

For the vision sensor, also use our

  • Application consultancy
    Discuss your technical requirements with our TecSupport and you can benefit from our expertise.
  • Support during commissioning
    For a fast start to production, we put your vision sensor into operation for you – for example, when setting up an optical check.

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