mini.s from Balluff, Compact and High Performance

Tiny Sensors for the Smallest Installation Spaces

The Balluff "mini.s" are a full line of miniaturised sensors that can be used not only in the smallest of installation spaces, but can also be easily integrated in existing mechatronic assemblies. The "mini.s" are available with all operating principles, whether inductive, optoelectronic, magnetic, capacitive or ultrasonic sensors.

Small housing, low weight and maximum switching precision are the special features provided by all Balluff mini sensors. Thanks to miniaturised styles and top performance, they open possibilities today that were once not possible due to design and space reasons.

The shortest inductive M12 sensor in the world – with a length of 12 or 17 mm (can be mounted flush or non flush) – is a typical representative of these tiny sensors. It is so small that it can be integrated in, among other places, extremely compact linear slides, valves and actuators.

Also worth noting are miniature sensors such as the binary-switching, magnetic-field sensitive electronic cylinder switches of the BMF series. Entirely new here is, for example, the BMF 243, which, thanks to it small dimensions, is the ideal choice for particularly small grippers and cylinders with C-slots. It impresses with precise and bounce-free switching response, simple handling and universal use.

With the miniature sensors of the BMF series from Balluff, designers can implement highly dynamic application concepts in pneumatics that can only be realised with low-weight components that have small space requirements.

Balluff mini.s

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