Balluff BSI Inclination Sensor

High accuracy for angle detection or rotary movements

The new liquid-based absolute BSI inclination sensors from Balluff detect deviations to the horizontal on an axis over a full 360°. With an extremely high accuracy of 0.1°, a resolution of 0.01° and a temperature drift of just 0.01% /10K, they are the ideal choice when, in complex applications, inclination angles need to be precisely detected and monitored or rotary movements must be constantly tracked. Housed in compact robust IP67 aluminium for easy installation and integration, the sensors have an extended temperature range of –40°C to +85 °C making them ideal for outdoor applications.

Balluff BSI inclination sensors are based on a capacitive measuring principle and are equipped with a liquid-based measuring cell. These consist of four capacitors filled with a liquid dielectric. Depending on the inclination of the sensor, the "horizon" of this medium covers the capacitors differently, causing the capacitance – as measure for the inclination angle – to change.

Three models are available, 0-360° and +/- 45° measuring angle with an absolute analogue output signal from 4 – 20mA, plus the 360° model is also available with a Modbus RTU RS-485 output.

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