Simple ident solutions for assembly and handling

Integrated systems for handling and assemblyIntegrated systems for assembly and handling
Modular assembly and handling plants have limited space for installing industrial RFID systems. For this reason, Balluff RFID offers highly compact designs, using components which provide maximum compatibility and flexibility. Simple to use these design do not require a network connection and can be easily integrated into the most common profile systems.

How IO-Link supports simple ident solutions

IO-Link offers a simple and cost-effective means of realising ident solutions, because connecting IO-Link RFID at the fieldbus level requires nothing more than a standard unshielded three-wire cable. This makes Easy RFID particularly suited to systems which use central data storage or handle small volumes of data or where read/write speeds do not play a central role.

Grouping signals to reduce the number of devices

Depending on the fieldbus system, up to 16 IO-Link RFID read/write units or other intelligent devices can be connected to a single node. It is also possible to connect up to 272 sensors/actuators. Grouping the signals reduces the number of devices required. This simpler network topology saves time and money.

Permanently installed read/write head with corner data carrier

Permanently installed read/write head with corner data carrier

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