New Balluff high durability cables for extreme conditions

Every manufacturer has challenges, but typically one of the most frustrating
problems is when a connector or a cable causes downtime. In addition, cable
failures can be difficult to diagnose due to their installation and finding the
exact failure. This can cause extended downtime due to replacement of long
cable runs through cable trays and rafters. Sometimes cable failures simply
cause short repetitive downtime with constant replacement. Balluff’s new line
of high durability cables can help solve these issues. Balluff’s cables help
prevent downtime and replacement for physical, washdown, temperature and
weld slag situations. 

Balluff’s High Durability Cables:

  • Silicone, silicone tubed, and PTFE cables resist hot weld sparks that can burn
    and destroy typical cables, as well as prevent build-up over time that could
    cause shorts and failures to the cables.
  • Stainless steel braid and flexible conduit cable versions are abrasion and crush
    resistant to prevent physical cable abuse.
  • ECOLAB and IP69K rated cable versions, with stainless hex nuts, are caustic
    and washdown resistant. They resist chemicals eating through cable jackets and
    high pressure washing destroying components.
  • Fiberglass jacket and thermoplast cable versions prevent high temperature
    melting and premature aging of cable material.


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