Inductive couplers with IO-Link interface

Easily and quickly separate energy and signals

Flexible energy and data transmission

Transmitting energy and signals to moving objects is always technically challenging and often difficult or even impossible. This is because cables can only withstand the movements for a limited time. Inductive coupler systems provide a remedy by transmitting energy and data at the same time and without contact via a recording gap of 5 mm.

Up to 16 sensors in a single system

Thanks to a connection to IO-Link, the couplers can be used to realise challenging tasks: energy and process data are reliably and flexibly transmitted from up to 16 sensors. The cabling effort for parallel transmission is also significantly reduced by the IO-Link interface.

Transmit up to four analogue signals

A further variant of the inductive coupler with IO-Link enables the concurrent transmission of up to four analogue signals. This allows the signals of measuring systems to be transmitted in a contact-free manner.


Typical applications include tool changeover in automatic machining cells or robotics.

Your benefits

  • No mechanical wear
  • Increased system availability
  • Maintenance-free

Benefits of IO-Link coupling

  • Up to 16 sensors can be connected up per system
  • Connection to bus systems possible

Eavesdrop-proof transmission

  • Only transmit data where it's required
  • No interference with adjacent areas

Description of application
The sensor determines whether the workpiece is attached to the correct position on the rotary indexing table and transmits the signals in a contact-free manner.

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