Photoelectric mini-sensors

The smallest of the small

Photoelectric mini-sensorsPhotoelectric mini-sensors are ideal for applications with restricted space or where lightweight sensors are required due to high speeds. They are perfect in highly dynamic applications such as in robot arms. This is exactly the type of application that requires lightweight components, compact designs, yet top switching precision.

In metal, these mini-sensors are available as light sensors, reflective light barriers, and through-beam light barriers in a 08M cylindrical or cuboid housing with a side length of 8 mm. With fixed sensing ranges and distances, they impress users through their ease of use. Thanks to their great flexibility, these small and robust optosensors are particularly cost-effective.

In plastic (20.6 x 12.5 x 7.6 mm), there is a complete range of light sensors, reflective light barriers, through-beam light barriers, and light sensors with background suppression. Internal metal sleeves ensure safe and simple assembly.
The laser-like visible light spot enables the accurate detection of small parts.
And optimum usage is ensured by the unrivalled ranges of up to 1.2 m.

Your benefits

  • More effective thanks to simple handling
  • Great design freedom through various housing styles
  • High process accuracy through sophisticated laser or PinPoint technology

Reliable detection of small parts with BOS Q08M laser through-beam light barriers