Light grids

Everything under control

Balluff light gridsLight grids are available with different measuring field heights and with short and long ranges. This enables wide and really large objects to be detected reliably. Our light grids are also available with a low or high resolution. To directly indicate the height or width of an object, the system has an analogue voltage output. An additional switching output indicates whether an object is within the monitored range. The light grids are supplied with a mounting bracket so that you can mount them quickly and easily. The setup process is just as user-friendly as the assembly process.


  • Easy to connect
  • Easy to install
  • Ready for use straight away
  • No complex configuration
  • Ranges of between 150 mm and 2.1 m
  • Measuring field heights of 100, 150, and 300 mm
  • Analogue output


  • Counting parts
  • Height measurement and height control
  • Presence control
  • Sag and position control
  • Pallet control
  • Web control
  • Position and material control

Accurate object detection with light grids

Balluff light grids in use


Light grids