Magnetic Global cylinder sensors

Perfect hold in the pneumatic cylinder slot

Our compact magnetic global cylinder sensors offer perfect hold, for they are exactly matched to the different cylinder C and T slots. They fit flush in the respective groove and are ideal in space critical applications.

  • Can be pushed in from the top or end on
  • Cable or connector variants
  • Small size

For the C slot: BMF 204 and BMF 214

  • BMF 204 – for 3.8 mm groove
  • BMF 214 – for 4 mm groove
  • Outstanding hold
  • Can be pushed in via the end of the slot
  • Miniature size for gripper and short stroke cylinder
  • Accurate positioning

For the T slot: BMF 235

  • BMF 235 – the standard
  • Large and especially bright LED for simple diagnostics
  • Can be inserted into the T slot from above ("drop-in" installation)
  • With standard screwdriver or 1.5 mm Allen key
  • Short, compact design with strong holding force

V-Twin® – one connector for two sensors

  • With one 4-wire connector M8 or M12
  • Quick installation
  • Reduces costs
  • Connect sensors easily at a multi-port 5 pin splitter box