BVS-E standard and advanced vision sensors

Optimum alternatives for optimum solutions

One sensor is enough to ensure top quality

If you choose to use Balluff BVS vision sensors, you are choosing increased productivity, more cost-effectiveness, and top quality. Use a BVS if you need multiple monitoring functions at the same time or if you need to switch between monitoring functions really quickly. Simply use the vision sensor that meets your needs. Changeovers are possible at all times - even during the process itself. This means that you are always flexible and can monitor your production completely reliably. With a Balluff vision sensor, one sensor is enough to ensure high efficiency.

BVS-E standard

In the most basic and economical standard version, the vision sensor offers 20 inspection memory slots and a free choice between seven independent tools that can be freely rotated. Up to 25 characteristics can be programmed per inspection:

  • Easy configuration via software
  • Automatic adjustment of screen brightness
  • More accurate characteristic recognition
  • Multiple sensors in a single network
  • Zoom function and much more

BVS-E advanced

The BVS-E advanced sensor is designed for fast and challenging applications. As well as offering all features of the standard version, it enables 360° position detection and the logical linking of different characteristics. This means that you can combine 25 tools to take full advantage of the three digital outputs:

  • 360° angular position tracking of all tools
  • Higher part rates thanks to scalable resolutions
  • Output circuitry through logical links
  • Short process times

Added-value kits

Added-value kits are available for the standard and advanced versions. They contain everything you need to use the sensor:

  • Vision sensor with software CD and operating manual
  • Mounting bracket and assembly accessories
  • Supply and programming cable

And if you need a 24 V power supply unit to connect it up, we can supply that, too!

An overview of all tools in the product range

  • Check brightness
  • Compare contrast
  • Check positions
  • Count edges
  • Compare widths
  • Recognise patterns
  • Check contours
  • Compare characters
  • 360° pattern recognition

New functions on the BVS-E advanced models

The 360° pattern recognition function enables the reliable recognition of parts with different rotational positions. You no longer need to worry about aligning objects. Each object is accurately repositioned.

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