Magnetic cylinder sensors for potentially explosive areas

Control dust, gases and vapours safely

Magnetic cylinder sensors for the Ex zone

BMF 255 magnetic cylinder sensors for Ex zones have been specially developed for areas in which dust, gases and vapours are present on a continuous, long-term and frequent basis (zone 0/20).

Easy assembly

The sensors can be inserted into T-slots from above and installed on round and tie rod cylinders using appropriate mounting brackets.

Isolating amplifier: Interface between the Ex zone and areas without explosive potential

A 6-metre long unassembled cable is used to connect the sensor quickly and easily to the appropriate isolating amplifier outside the Ex zone
. We can supply the isolating amplifier.

The isolating amplifier with relay output acts as an interface between electrical signals from the potentially explosive area (Ex zone) and the area without explosive potential (safe zone).


  • For Zones 0/20
  • Quick and easy to insert into the T-slot from above with clamp fastening
  • Sensor, isolating amplifier and mounting bracket all from a single source
  • 6-metre long, unassembled cable

Ex zone