Individually programmed RFID data medium

Use data mediums described as per your specifications. And speed up your manufacturing.

If only reading is required in assembly lines, or only small load carriers are supposed to be identified, it is often sufficient to write a serial number or a special code onto the data medium.

Just leave this programming to us. And order greater comfort. By already described LF, HF or UHF data mediums from the factory, which can be immediately configured.

For this purpose, you just need to give us your data, indicate your desired format and the section of the data medium on which it needs to be stored. Use a service, which improves your time management and guarantees quick commissioning.

The advantages

  • cost-effective – no provision to describe separate hardware.
  • time-savings – programming of write routines can be eliminated completely.
  • Easy to place a repeat order – data mediums with the same specifications can always be obtained again.