Machine Access Control

Using industrial RFID to control and record access to vital equipment

Industrial RFID systems provide a controlled and tamper resistant solution for limiting access to the machine. Differentiating between operators, technicians supervisors and engineers provides restricted access to certain maintenance screens or automatically changes the views for the HMI or Interface. Access control is used for verifying the operator's work times, tracking regular maintenance or supervisor override status. Many current solutions utilize physical keys for supervisor override or maintenance calls, but keys are easily copied, lost or shared by employees on the floor causing issues and confusion.

Reasons For Machine Access Control:


  • Verify the operator is trained to run the equipment
  • Verify who was running the machine during a problem
  • Verify a cleaning or washdown process happened on the appropriate cycle


  • Provide access to troubleshooting screens and update
  • Provide access to locked screens or pushbuttons
  • Track regular maintenance cycles and preventative visits


  • Review a quality or poka-yoke issue
  • Review a machine setup or run problem
  • Must override or clear a certain machine status


Access Control in Food & Beverage and Washdown

  • Utilize existing stainless steel control boxes
  • 125 kHz RFID antenna can read through 3mm of stainless steel
  • Coloured key fob tags can be utilized for indicating various roles

Machine Access Control with ID Cards

  • Tamper-proof labels provide secure access or lockout fuctions to machine
  • Reading and writing privileges are handled by an admisitrator
  • Use the Balluff card tag if operators are not supplied company ID badges


Order code Description System
BIS0128 Black Key Fob    125 kHz
BIS0129 Blue Key Fob 125 kHz
BIS012A Green Key Fob 125 kHz
BIS012C Red Key Fob 125 kHz
BIS0121 RS232 Read Head (thru 3mm Stainless) 125 kHz



Order code Description System
BIS012H Tamper-proof Label Tag 13.56 MHz
BIS0047 Separate RFID card 54x86mm 13.56 MHz
BIS012N Panel Mount IO-Link Read/Write Head 13.56 MHz
BIS0157 IP69K IO-Link Read/Write Head (Washdown) 13.56 MHz

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