Miniature Sensors Compact sensors for factory automation

Mini design. Maxi performance!

The increasing miniaturization of assemblies demands the smallest possible yet still high-performance components. Balluff mini sensors meet these requirements. With small dimensions and top performance, they offer a great degree of freedom in design and make possible considerably more applications. With mini sensors, users have greater flexibility.

Miniature sensors are available from Balluff in all operating principles: as inductive, photoelectric, magnetic, capacitive and as ultrasonic sensors. Available for each sensor technology are compact inductive couplers, space-saving I/O modules and RFID in mini versions.

The extensive Balluff product line includes mini sensors and compact connection technology which are ideally suited for factory automation – especially for robotics, handling and production lines.

Particularly in robotics, on production lines or in handling applications, low weight is a key requirement for being able to achieve fast cycle times. Another advantage is the reduced space requirement, which increases flexibility in a tightly packed machine compartment. Balluff mini sensors guarantee high precision and reliability.

Inductive Mini Sensors

Small housing, low weight, and yet the highest switching precision – Balluff mini sensors fulfill these industrial automation requirements by means of small designs and peak performance. They offer great freedom of design and enable substantially more applications.

Inductive mini sensors are available with especially small diameter: with 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, and 6 mm. SuperShorties are the shortest inductive sensors on the market.

  • Ideal for compact applications
  • Ultra-short housing
  • Low weight (0.7 g) for extreme accelerations
  • Stainless steel housing for rugged applications

Photoelectric Mini Sensors

You can count on the photoelectric mini sensors if small parts need to be precisely detected in applications with limited space and if long ranges are important. Advanced laser technology, homogeneous red light or innovative pinpoint technology provide high process accuracy. Diffuse sensors with background suppression reliably eliminate interfering influences.

  • Long ranges of up to 10 m
  • Large range of product variants
  • Easy to operate, precise function

If mini sensors are too large and fiber optics are not flexible enough, then the miniature remote photoelectric senors are the clear choice.

  • Smallest sensing head
  • Detect targets as small as .05 mm
  • Maximum flexibility

Capacitive Mini Sensors

In difficult environments where dust, reflections, object properties, or color could influence a measurement, capacitive sensors are the right choice. Precisely monitor stack heights, detect solids and liquids through glass or plastic container walls up to 4 mm thick or in direct contact. PTFE sensing surface makes them particularly resistant. Robust stainless

  • Large switching distance
  • Difficult conditions
  • Suitable for all materials

Mini Magnetic Cylinder Sensors

Balluff offers ideal solutions for reliable and wear-free position detection for short-stroke cylinders and mini-grippers. Balluff mini cylinder switches are especially short and are among the shortest on the market. The sensors have a highly accurate switch point for maximum precision, even over short switching distances.

  • For reliable, wear-free position detection on all pneumatic cylinders
  • Universal use with a few different types
  • Increase functional reliability and improve machine availability

Ultrasonic Mini Sensors

The small ultrasonic sensors with block housings operate with high resolution, leaving nothing to be desired in terms of accuracy.

  • Ideal for compact applications
  • Optional focusing attachment for small part detection
  • Discrete and analog output offerings
  • Five scanning ranges
  • Teach-in via button

Magnetically Coded Position and Measurement

The new BML-S1H magnetically encoded position and angle measurement system measures highly dynamic applications exactly and absolutely. It operates contact- and wear-free. Even external factors such as dirt and temperature do not affect it. With the unbeatably small sensor head, it is ideal for linear guides, pick-and-place applications, drive feedback or vibration welding.

  • High system accuracy and resolution
  • Mountable lengthwise or crosswise to the tape
  • Small design in a robust metal housing

Industrial RFID for Automation Systems

These compact BIS M Industrialized Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems provide reliable and secure data solutions for maximizing traceability and error proofing in any automation system, including conveyor transfer lines and automated assembly systems.

  • Compact components
  • Flexible communication options
  • Fast, reliable data traceability

EtherNet/IP Distributed Modular I/O

Utilizing EtherNet/IP Distributed Modular I/O, the engineer has the ability and flexibility to design compact solutions into their automation equipment. Space saving I/O hubs and valve manifold controllers connected over IO-Link allows the machine builder to integrate quickly and cost effectively. IO-Link reduces the work and expense associated with wiring, testing, and hardware using simple, unshielded, economical sensor cables for communication. Sensors and valve manifolds can be quickly installed and commissioned without a controls cabinet or timely terminations.

  • Open, vendor neutral standard
  • Communicates point-to-point, master to slave
  • Standard 4-wire M12 sensor cables for communication
  • Eases installation w/ plug and play capabilities

Space-saving Junction Blocks and Cables

Space-saving junction blocks allow for easy integration into the machine without taking up a large footprint. Multiple conductors and dual signal cables used in conjunction with the sensors can allow for many signals to be collected and run back to the controls cabinet with minimal fuss.

  • Flexible and industrial jackets
  • Vibration resistant
  • Wide variety of options

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