Robot Zone Limit Systems Recapture lost robot productivity while maintaining complete operator safety

Wherever a human operator must share workspace with a robot, there’s no question that safety is the highest priority. When a person enters a robotic work cell, the robot must be safely idled. But this idle time results in a loss of the robot’s productivity. Enter Balluff’s robot zone limit systems. These pre-engineered hardware kits let you recapture that lost productivity, while maintaining complete operator safety.

Robot zone limit system are:

  • Flexible - zones can be easily changed by maintenance or trade personnel
  • Reliable - proven mechanical switches or wear-free inductive sensors
  • Productive - robot doesn’t need to wait for operator to load or unload components
  • Space-saving - reduces area guarding requirements
  • Cost-saving - reduces capital costs for unnecessary robots and perimeter guarding
  • User-friendly - provides direct visual indication of zone sizes and locations
  • Convenient - fully pre-engineered, kitted hardware solutions eliminate guesswork
  • Specified - meets automotive manufacturers’ requirements
  • Safe - hardware conforms to ANSI recommended practices

BZL Kit Components

Balluff robot zone limit systems kit include: switch (with either non-contact, wear-free inductive sensors or robust mechanical safety limit switches), cams (number of sets depends on number of zones), mounting hardware (cam tray, mounting plates, switch bracket, connector plates, angle brackets, and hubs or spacers as required, including all nuts, bolts, screws and washers).

robot zone limit system pre-engineered kit

Reduce the number of robots and floor space

Rather than single workstations in two robot cells working without zone limits, a single robot/dual workstation setup using a Balluff zone limit system can reduce the number of robots and floorspace needed by half.

Work cell size reduction is another big benefit. Since the size of the area guarding must be larger than the maximum operational envelope of the robot and its payload, a Balluff robot zone limit system can be used to dynamically restrict the operating envelope of the robot, allowing a much smaller area to be guarded. The reduced guarded area also saves a substantial amount of money by reducing the amount of perimeter guard fencing per work cell.

The enhanced productivity of several robot cells may free up enough capacity to eliminate the need for additional robotic work cells, saving significant capital investment costs.

Robot Zone Limit Brochure [PDF]

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