Z - Standard In-Cylinder Rod Style (Analog) The global standard for hydraulic cylinder feedback

Introducing Micropulse Generation 7 - the global standard for analog position sensing. The Micropulse Generation 7 analog rod-style transducers offer class-leading performance and usability in real-world linear positioning applications. The Generation 7 analog rod-style transducer is available in two versions: the standard version is 100% backward compatible to previous Micropulse transducers, while the Micropulse Plus version offers an innovative USB interface for configuration and set-up.

  • Linear displacement and/or velocity measurement (Plus version)
  • M12/M16 connector or integrated cable
  • 100% scalable analog outputs
  • Status and set-up LEDs
  • Two independent outputs (Plus version)
  • PC-configurable (Plus version)
  • 1"-300" measurement length
  • Output types: analog
  • IP68 cable, IP67 connector
  • Linear down to ±50 µm
  • 150 g shock, 20 g vibration
  • Enhanced electromagnetic immunity




Diagnostic/setup LEDs

Two position outputs (rising/falling) with one magnet 

2nd output configurable for independent position of 2nd magnet, velocity, speed, or differential distance

Pushbutton setup:

    - Teach zero/span

    - Adjust signal online/in-process

    - Reset to factory defaults

    - Reset to last good teach


    - Invert outputs (rising/falling)  

Legacy Balluff push-button procedure


Easy-Teach™ push-button procedure  

Setup via discrete lines through cable/connector


USB-configurable with software  



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