Safety Limit Switches Mechanical single and multiple position switches

Single and multiple position cam switches are used as actuators for automatic controls, for positioning  and for end-of-travel switching on machine tools, transfer lines, transport equipment, in the automobile industry, and in machine and equipment building.  Their proven design principle and large number of possible switching operations ensure lasting quality and reliability.  Balluff single and multiple position switches have been proven for decades under harsh conditions.  They ensure trouble-free function under conditions of vibration, shock, rapid temperature fluctuations, aggressive coolants, and heavy presence of chips. 

The switching operation is initiated by a rigid plunger, which actuates a mechanical switching element with positive-opening contacts per DIN EN 60204-1/VDE 0113.  Balluff multiple position switches are ideal for robot dynamic safety zone control.  Positive break switches coupled with high switching element density, rugged construction, and long life expectancy, combine to prove a perfect match for safe and reliable human-robot interface.  This plunger is used to switch a mechanical switching element in a separate, sealed chamber.  Optimum selection of the plunger style in combination with our cams guarantees long service life.

The plungers are the only moving parts outside of the housing and are subjected to daily exposure to a wide range of unavoidable influences such as abrasive materials, weld splatter, aggressive coolants and lubricants, long cam travel and high speeds.  For such applications, Balluff offers the Series 100 and 61 switch family with quick-change plunger block as an option to the standard multiple limit switches.  The Balluff multiple position limit switch with quick-change plunger block makes time-consuming plunger replacement a thing of the past.  In just a few moments, the complete block system can be replaced   without the use of special tools and without the risk of wiring mistakes.

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