Valve Manifold Control using Distributed Modular I/O Simplified valve control utilizing the power of IO-Link

When controls engineers get involved in specifying valve manifolds a slippery slope can develop. Ordering a valve with integrated I/O and networks complicates and slows down the design process. Where do the mechanical design end and the electrical design begin? Or maybe you order simple valve manifolds with 25-pin D-sub connectors; but terminating the 25 wires and trying to troubleshoot these multiple connections can be time consuming and costly. By using valve manifold control over distributed modular I/O you can remove these situations and provide multiple advantages: hardwired manifolds are low cost, they are plug-and-play with distributed modular I/O utilizing IO-Link and they are typically standard off the shelf components so they are easy to repair.

Compatible Valve Brands:


Industrial Networks Available:



• Max 0.7A per output and up to 1.1A at 24V total can be active at once
• Typically up to 24 output positions can be controlled per manifold
• Up to 4 manifolds or slave devices can be controlled per master device
• Other Balluff IO-Link Components Available: 
    o Discrete I/O hubs
    o Analog channels
    o Read/Write RFID Heads
    o Intelligent Sensors


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