Web.Preview Inductive distance sensor 

Order Code :  BAW0029


Size M18
Connection Connector, M12x1-S04
Linearity range Sl 4...16 mm
Output voltage at Sl min. 0 V
Output voltage at Sl max. 10 V

General attributes

Mechanical installation condition Non embeddable
Power indicator No
Basic standard BWN PR 44, IEC 60947-5-2, IEC 60947-5-7
Short-circuit protected Yes
Enclosure Type per IEC 60529 IP67
Protection class II
Protected against polarity reversal Yes
Protected against miswiring Yes
Additional text Values referenced to axial approach of St 37 target. For other materials correction factors are applied.
The specified parameters apply to the temperature range of +10…+60 °C. Function is also guaranteed in the ranges -10…+10 °C and +60…+70 °C.
With connector, e.g. BKS-S 20-… total length = switch length +18 mm.
Series M18
Special properties Temperature Output

Electrical attributes

Connection type Connector
Rated operating voltage Ue DC 24
Rated frequency, AC DC
Rated insulation voltage Ui 250 AC
Electrical version DC, direct current
Ripple max. (% of Ue) 15
Switching output PNP / Analog+temperature outp.
Switching function Voltage falling on approach
Principle of operation Inductive
Limit frequency -3dB 500 Hz
Output voltage at Se 5 V
Load resistance RT min. 2000 Ohm
Slope U 0,83 V/mm
Temperature output Yes
UTemp typ. at 25 °C 3300 mV
Non-linearity max. ±360 µm
No-load current max. Io at Ue 10 mA
Operating voltage 15...30 V DC

Mechanical attributes

Tightening torque 25 Nm / 35 Nm
Connector type M12x1-S04
Oberflächenschutz Nickel-plated
Shock rating Shock, half-sinus, 30 gn, 11ms
Vibration rating 55 Hz, 1 mm ampl., 3x30 min
Ambient temperature Ta min. 10 °C
Ambient temperature Ta max. 60 °C
Degree of contamination 3
Sensing surface material PBT
Housing material Brass
Response time 3 ms
Measuring speed max. 5 m/s
Optical operating temperature min. 10 °C
Optical operating temperature max. 50 °C
Max. temp. drift from end value ±3.0 %
Temperature coefficient min. 1.0 µm/K
Temperature coefficient max. 30.0 µm/K
Temperature coefficient typ. 8.0 µm/K
Temperature drift typ. -9 mV/K
Repeat accuracy per BWN ±200.0 µm
Adjustment indicator Yes
Repeat acc. R of end value max. 3
Rated operating dist. Se 10 mm