Distributed Modular I/O with IO-Link

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Think of a remote “slice” I/O solution. In a typical application, the communication head and the power supply sit on the left hand side and are followed along the backplane by the individual I/O devices, such as discrete 24V input cards or 0-10V analog cards. Usually there are a limited number of slots available in the backplane and individual slices of control components can be inserted.

In a similar fashion, a Distributed Modular I/O system has a communications head that talks over the desired industrial network on one side and the right hand side acts as a data collector. In lieu of a backplane, each device is connected to an industry standard M12 port utilizing a basic 3-wire sensor cable for IO-Link communication. With the ability to be installed within a 20 meter radius from the data, collector devices can be easily distributed across the machine.

The backplane of Distributed Modular I/O =

Utilizing a widely accepted and open point to point technology, IO-Link, a Distributed Modular I/O system is fieldbus independent, is easily configured and is vendor neutral. Process data shows up as simple packets of bytes in the controller for easy integration. The parameterization data allows the devices to be quickly configured using simple read/write commands, and best of all, there is no “sub-bus” to cause headaches, nor is there some new protocol to be educated on. The digital signal is carried over pin 4 of a standard cable and 24V power is provided to the device in a standard configuration. If required, the IO-Link port can be used for a standard I/O point.


IO-Link Master Blocks

Connect standard I/O to EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, ProfiNet, Profibus, or CC-Link

More IO-Link Master Block

Discrete I/O

M8 and M12 plastic and metal discrete I/O hubs


Analog I/O

Plugs and Hubs


Valve Manifold Control

Interfaces for MAC, Festo, SMC, Parker, Bosch, Numatics, Norgren


IO Link and RFID

RFID system with IO-Link interface


IO-Link Sensors

Intelligent sensors with IO-Link


Non-Contact Connectors with IO-Link

Easily separate energy and signals


Smart Light

The first LED programmable tower light


PF - Perfect Fit Low Profile External Mount (IO-Link)

The "Perfect Fit", low profile housing, scalable IO-Link output, stroke lengths to 180”


IO-Link Power Supply Units

Continuous monitoring power supplies


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