Magnetically Coded Position And Rotary Encoder Systems For precise positioning in really fast applications

  • Overview

High-precision, fast measuring systems with a magnetically coded linear or rotary measurement body - for precise positioning in extremely dynamic applications

Your benefits

Contact-free, high-resolution, and resistant to dirt


  • Monitoring of slide position in electrical/pneumatic linear drives
  • Speed and position detection on axes and rotary drives
  • Positioning of machining units (e.g. laser or water jet cutting)

Magnetically coded position and rotary encoder measuring systems - tailored to meet your requirements

S2B/S2E/S1C Series

down to 5μm resolution


S1F Series

down to 1μm resolution


S1G Series

1 µm resolution. High-precision on 48 m measurement section


BML Accessories

Magnet rings, counter displays, and mounting hardware

More counter displays

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