Micropulse Linear Position Sensors Rugged, absolute linear position measurement from 1 to 300 inches


Balluff Micropulse® linear position sensors have achieved a worldwide reputation for accuracy, stability, and rock-solid reliability.  Micropulse sensors are designed from the ground up to exceed expectations in demanding industrial environments.


• Non-contact magnetostrictive technology
• Wear-free operation means no performance degradation over time
• High accuracy and repeatability
• Rugged construction is resistant to shock, vibration and electrical interference
• Housing styles optimized for diverse applications
• Wide variety of electrical interfaces compatible with most popular control systems
• Measuring lengths from 1" to 300"
• Absolute operation:  no re-homing necessary, even after power interruption
• Industry-leading 5-day standard delivery; next-day and same-day expedited delivery available

Applications / Industries

• Servohydraulics: position feedback for closed-loop control of hydraulic cylinders
• Wind turbines, steel mills, sawmill equipment, motion simulators, mobile (off-highway) equipment
• Position feedback on hydraulically-actuated process control valves, including hazardous locations
• Monitoring of linear movements on plastic injection molding and tire manufacturing machinery
• Position monitoring and control on packaging and automated assembly machinery
• Precision level measurement and dose metering on dispensing equipment
• Anywhere precise, absolute linear position feedback is required

The Micropulse Advantage Brochure

Superior technology, features that matter, rigorous testing, global reach


Z - Standard In-Cylinder Rod Style (Analog)

The global standard for hydraulic cylinder feedback, stroke lengths to 300”


Z - Standard In-Cylinder Rod Style (SSI)

Synchronous Serial Interface for dynamic motion control, stroke lengths to 300”


Z - Standard In-Cylinder Rod Style (Digital)

START/STOP, PWM, Quadrature outputs, stroke lengths to 200”


BTL5 Z - Standard Rod Style - Fieldbus

CANOpen and Profibus, stroke lengths to 156”


TA12 - Hazardous Area Rod Style

Worldwide hazardous area approval, stroke lengths up to 180", analog and digital outputs


W - Rugged, Compact Rod Style

Compact, thread-in stainless steel housing for demanding applications, stroke lengths to 2 ...


K - Rugged, Compact Bolt-in Rod Style

Compact, bolt-in stainless steel housing for demanding applications, stroke lengths to 200 ...


WB - ProCompact, IP69K Rod Style

Hermetically sealed housing withstands high-pressure washdown, stroke lengths to 200”


AR - Mobile Hydraulic Embeddable Rod Style

Compact housing for embedded mobile hydraulic feedback, stroke lengths to 60”


SF - Sanitary Fill Level Rod Style

FDA/3A certified for sanitary fill applications, stroke lengths to 100”


PF - Perfect Fit Low Profile External Mount (Analog)

The "Perfect Fit", low profile housing, scalable/invertable analog output, stroke lengths ...

More Perfect Fit Transducer

PF - Perfect Fit Low Profile External Mount (IO-Link)

The "Perfect Fit", low profile housing, scalable IO-Link output, stroke lengths to 180”

More Perfect Fit Transducer

P - Standard External Mount Profile

Analog/SSI/digital/fieldbus, stroke lengths to 200”


R - Ultra-low Profile External Mount

Low profile housing for space-critical applications, stroke lengths to 147"


AT- Economical Tubular Housing

Magnetostrictive technology at a potentiometer price, stroke lengths to 100” or 60”


BIW - Plunger Style Linear Pot Replacement

Drop-in replacement for linear potentiometers, analog output, stroke lengths to 30”


Flight Simulator Retrofit Products

High-performance, legacy-compatible cylinder position feedback system


Transducer Interface Products

Displays, position/velocity converters, counters


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