Micropulse Linear Position Sensors Rugged, absolute linear position measurement from 1 to 300 inches


Balluff Micropulse® linear position sensors have achieved a worldwide reputation for accuracy, stability, and rock-solid reliability.  Micropulse sensors are designed from the ground up to exceed expectations in demanding industrial environments.


• Non-contact magnetostrictive technology
• Wear-free operation means no performance degradation over time
• High accuracy and repeatability
• Rugged construction is resistant to shock, vibration and electrical interference
• Housing styles optimized for diverse applications
• Wide variety of electrical interfaces compatible with most popular control systems
• Measuring lengths from 1" to 300"
• Absolute operation:  no re-homing necessary, even after power interruption
• Industry-leading 5-day standard delivery; next-day and same-day expedited delivery available

Applications / Industries

• Servohydraulics: position feedback for closed-loop control of hydraulic cylinders
• Wind turbines, steel mills, sawmill equipment, motion simulators, mobile (off-highway) equipment
• Position feedback on hydraulically-actuated process control valves, including hazardous locations
• Monitoring of linear movements on plastic injection molding and tire manufacturing machinery
• Position monitoring and control on packaging and automated assembly machinery
• Precision level measurement and dose metering on dispensing equipment
• Anywhere precise, absolute linear position feedback is required

The Micropulse Advantage Brochure

Superior technology, features that matter, rigorous testing, global reach


Linear Position Sensors with Ethernet Interface

Advanced performance and direct Ethernet interface


Z - Standard In-Cylinder Rod Style (Analog)

The global standard for hydraulic cylinder feedback, stroke lengths to 300”


Z - Standard In-Cylinder Rod Style (SSI)

Synchronous Serial Interface for dynamic motion control, stroke lengths to 300”


Z - Standard In-Cylinder Rod Style (Digital)

START/STOP, PWM, Quadrature outputs, stroke lengths to 200”


BTL5 Z - Standard Rod Style - Fieldbus

CANOpen and Profibus, stroke lengths to 156”


TA12 - Hazardous Area Rod Style

Worldwide hazardous area approval, stroke lengths up to 180", analog and digital outputs


W - Rugged, Compact Rod Style

Compact, thread-in stainless steel housing for demanding applications, stroke lengths to 2 ...


K - Rugged, Compact Bolt-in Rod Style

Compact, bolt-in stainless steel housing for demanding applications, stroke lengths to 200 ...


WB - ProCompact, IP69K Rod Style

Hermetically sealed housing withstands high-pressure washdown, stroke lengths to 200”


AR - Mobile Hydraulic Embeddable Rod Style

Compact housing for embedded mobile hydraulic feedback, stroke lengths to 60”


SF - Sanitary Fill Level Rod Style

FDA/3A certified for sanitary fill applications, stroke lengths to 100”


PF - Perfect Fit Low Profile External Mount (Analog)

The "Perfect Fit", low profile housing, scalable/invertable analog output, stroke lengths ...

More Perfect Fit Transducer

PF - Perfect Fit Low Profile External Mount (IO-Link)

The "Perfect Fit", low profile housing, scalable IO-Link output, stroke lengths to 180”

More Perfect Fit Transducer

P - Standard External Mount Profile

Analog/SSI/digital/fieldbus, stroke lengths to 200”


R - Ultra-low Profile External Mount

Low profile housing for space-critical applications, stroke lengths to 147"


AT- Economical Tubular Housing

Magnetostrictive technology at a potentiometer price, stroke lengths to 100” or 60”


BIW - Plunger Style Linear Pot Replacement

Drop-in replacement for linear potentiometers, analog output, stroke lengths to 30”


Flight Simulator Retrofit Products

High-performance, legacy-compatible cylinder position feedback system


Transducer Interface Products

Displays, position/velocity converters, counters


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