Vision Sensors

For reliable error and quality checks

  • Overview

The main application area of Balluff vision sensors is the field of reliable error and quality checks. Their versatility gives rise to a range of tools to enable the best possible monitoring of production processes. In addition, each of the variants is characterized by its own special features. This all-rounder is really easy to use.
You can select the right vision sensor type for your needs so that you get the best solution for every single scenario.

Your benefits

  • Productive and economical checks
  • Short setup times thanks to quick installation and configuration
  • Convenient setup in 3 steps

Vision sensors - tailored to your requirements

BVS-E Standard

PC configurable using Windows compatible software, up to 24 tools per job


BVS-E Universal

360° counter and defect counter with serial and configurable boolean logic outputs

More sharpshooter Advanced

BVS-E Identification

Identify 1D barcodes and 2D data matrix codes to 0.10 mm


BVS-E Infrared

Ambient light immune

More sharpshooter infrared

Vision Lighting and Accessories

Ring, bar, line, background, dark field, spot lighting, and monitor


Line Laser

For improved accuracy when error-proofing your machine


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