Balluff training is performance-based. Our focus is what you can do at the end of the training, not just what you know.

Our goal is to prepare you for tasks you will actually need to perform on the job. Our training has hands-on exercises at the end of each lesson to measure the lesson's learning objectives. Our courses include job aids - booklets that you can use on the job - to help you accomplish tasks with the technology.

We offer standard training, which is off-the-shelf, containing all the modules the way the course was designed. The advantage with standard training is that the modules are readily available.

We also offer custom training, where the modules are modified to integrate customer specific standards, programs, and applications. The advantage with custom training is the students see their own company's use of the technology. They don't need to apply what they learned in the classroom when they return to their jobs: it has been done for them in the design of the courseware.

Standard Training

Off-the-shelf, containing all the modules


Custom Training

Create your own training


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