Tool ID
Tool management with industrial RFID

Industrial RFID improves quality and increases efficiency

With more than 30 years of Industrial RFID experience, Balluff is an industry leader in automatic data collection. Our systems transfer complete tool data with ultra reliability for advanced machining centers. Balluff RFID systems are capable of being integrated into most of the commonly used machine controls, where they ensure flexible and reliable data transfer in tool management systems.

Since the RFID tag is embedded in the tool holder the information stays with the tool and can be readily accessed on the shop floor.

Product Identification with RFID

Product Identification with Industrial RFID

Industrial RFID creates visibility and reduces costs

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Tool ID Upgrade – Upgrading from a Single Source

Tool ID Upgrade

Upgrading tool ID on existing machines increases overall efficiency and maximizes tool utilization

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Tool identification with Industrial RFID

Tool identification with Industrial RFID

Simplified data management, higher quality and increased efficiency with Industrial RFID

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