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Magnetic field sensors for C-slot

Holds securely and monitors reliably

Magnetic field sensors for C-slot

BMF magnetic field sensors for the C-slot from Balluff are mainly used to monitor the piston position on cylinders and grippers. The sensor detects the field of the magnet integrated in the piston through the cylinder wall. Thanks to this non-contact position detection, the sensors function wear-free and reliably, even at high travel speeds.

The correct sensor for every cylinder

Thanks to a special sensor element, the magnetic field sensors can be used on any cylinder regardless of the manufacturer. Less really is more now: the newest models replace several of our magnetic field sensors for the C-slot at once, which means that almost all cylinder sizes and makes can be covered with fewer designs.

Reliably detect end position

In welding systems in the automotive industry, hold-down devices hold the sheets in the desired position during the welding process. A BMF magnetic field sensor integrated into the groove detects the piston end position on the hold-down pneumatic cylinder, thus ensuring smooth processes.


  • Quick assembly, firm hold
  • No contact burning, bouncing or sticking
  • Only one switching point (with LED display)
  • Applicable for cylinders and grippers with strong or weak magnets
  • IP67: insensitive to dirt
  • Suitable for ambient temperatures –25...+85 °C

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